Perio Protect: Non-invasive trays deliver treatment deep below the gum line.

Our patented, prescription trays allow medicine to reach bacteria that brushing and flossing cannot touch

How it works?

Fighting gum disease requires vigilance and repetition. Fortunately, it doesn’t always require surgery.

The innovative Perio Protect Method utilizes patented, non-invasive Perio Trays that are proven to deliver treatment deep into periodontal pockets, where toothbrushes, rinse and floss fail to reach.

These customized trays end the cycle of disease by extending treatment from the dental chair to the comfort of home. They’re also the only periodontal medicine delivery mechanism with certified FDA clearance.

Treatment process

  1. Talk to your dentist
  2. Impressions of your mouth will be sent to the lab
  3. Retrieve your trays in 3 weeks
  4. Treat your gums nicely

The Perio Protect Method

Perio Protect is doctor-prescribed and patient-applied. When you receive your custom Perio Trays, your dental team will show you how to place a small amount of prescription medicine in each tray. You wear it for just minutes each day. Your dentist will also design a treatment plan specifically for you, as the duration and frequency varies for each patient.

The trays are designed with a patented seal to place and hold medication where it is most effective—at the site of infection deep below the gum line. A low concentration of hydrogen peroxide gently and thoroughly cleanses the periodontal pockets, combatting bacteria, whitening your teeth and freshening your breath.

For some patients, the non-invasive Perio Trays reduce the need for surgical intervention. For others, it can be a potent compliment to traditional treatment methods, helping to ensure a more successful outcome.

While there is no “cure” for gum disease, it can be managed with daily treatment to prevent pathogenic bacteria from recolonizing. When the desired results have been achieved, your dentist will revise your treatment plan to maintain the results.

The Perio Protect Method is an appealing, minimally invasive option for advanced periodontitis and early-stage gum disease alike.

Bacteria thrive deep below the gum line in the periodontal pocket.

Bacteria thrive deep below the gum line in the periodontal pocket.

The Perio Tray® delivers medicine into the periodontal pockets and holds it there.

The Perio Tray delivers medicine deep into perio pockets and holds it there.

The benefits aren’t limited to your gums

Treating gum disease with Perio Protect positively affects not only your hygiene but also the overall health of your body. It’s also a comfortable option to help reduce the need for repetitive scraping, scaling or surgery.


You can (and should) brush and floss each day. But don’t be disheartened if you continue to struggle with gum infections or bad breath.

Perio Protect goes deeper. With patented technology designed to deliver treatment where conventional methods simply can’t reach, you can reduce harmful and odor-causing bacteria. And while you’re at it, the stigma associated with gum disease.

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Hygiene Coach at Gentle Dental

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